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The curtains lifted up and orchids bled ,

The men with guns stood still

Not a bullet to fire nor a whip to swing

As men faced men to kill


A rose in every urn did I plant

As the wind came in halves -

Playing with the raging nerves

Leaving a white sky of whirling doves


While seasons in a queue did wait

Then a promise dessicated with tremors ,

Inside the lightbulb , flickered nights

And the canvas of painted summers


I plucked the kiss so shy

From over the peak of Everest

As the sun seduced snows

Sweeping  moist madness over ocean's breast


I fed the hungry and washed all blood

Over naked ribs , an iridescent drama

The tender love in mama's lap

Where fullstops melted into comma




The right after wrongs , I erased

And left not a trace of change

For a lifetime they screamed

To bring back the hex so strange


Died the world as I left by

Away from sight , away from light

As the prisoner's tongue begged for rain

In forgotten memoirs lost by time's bite


Posh marble, satin silk, red velvet

Over floors of massive halls

Jazzy dinner sets, fresh bone marrow

Smells of pious sweat, rot and blood

The chandeliers drooping from the dome

Of capitalism and free trade cast a glow

At the dim corners, behind curtains


Oft under the sun

Some lie bare to tan

While some stuck in circles

Sow seeds to feed the hunks

Only to see a day come

Putrefied of horrors-

that shame humankind


Hardships and struggles, haha

How'd barbie dolls, swiss rolls

Xbox, clubs and champagne rain

Bright azure horizons, sand beaches

Lol, xoxo, prettiest stickers

Scare tender feet, angel eyes?

O my bae, o my bae, I miss you


Look at him, eh useless piece of filth

He eats with his hands

Yuck, ewwww...

Fancy spoon, shiny fork, tissue

Handsome face, nike heels

Privileges for some, dear lord

Are mere wishes that hopes bear


And yet and yet 

You stand and smirk 

For gibberish, smelly piece of meat

That comes as well- in ruthless plots

Of society, economy, polity and terms

Without a bit sense, pulse and pain

Or Gratitude that dried in famines

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