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The curtains lifted up and orchids bled ,

The men with guns stood still

Not a bullet to fire nor a whip to swing

As men faced men to kill


A rose in every urn did I plant

As the wind came in halves -

Playing with the raging nerves

Leaving a white sky of whirling doves


While seasons in a queue did wait

Then a promise dessicated with tremors ,

Inside the lightbulb , flickered nights

And the canvas of painted summers


I plucked the kiss so shy

From over the peak of Everest

As the sun seduced snows

Sweeping  moist madness over ocean's breast


I fed the hungry and washed all blood

Over naked ribs , an iridescent drama

The tender love in mama's lap

Where fullstops melted into comma




The right after wrongs , I erased

And left not a trace of change

For a lifetime they screamed

To bring back the hex so strange


Died the world as I left by

Away from sight , away from light

As the prisoner's tongue begged for rain

In forgotten memoirs lost by time's bite

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