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A pigment of the unknown sun

Lost in the mess of a cruel fun ,

Untrodden shores of moist clay

And dark wombs of the misty bay ,

Polluted by the folks , dripping wet

Catching images of a ghastly debt


Enough of rhymes , enough of devils

Enough of all the pride filled kills -

Of glaciers and fingerprints ,

Of diamonds and rocky flints

Buried under crystal eyes 

Empty spaces between painted thighs


Painted in crimson smell of a denied statue

Hidden inside palms , oceans grew !

From the coral shells , a flute show

A play of seas in wildest flow -

This is how apologies are made

For the murders committed in that heavy head


Well , origins so original

In the moaning of a funeral ;

Cast into death floors , clusters

Into ivory tunnels down the gentle waters

And when a change shall flood all lands , 

All the life in scarce , in saliva filled glands


Engrave this tattoo over lichens 

Over that frozen jellyfish that whitens -

Horizons of time , from Adam and Eve

To drums that whip up a gorgeous leave ,

Standing on the chest of a collapse 

An extinct torso lying over faded maps


Flying over the oceans 

Just fifty seconds before

And the gunshot declared war


Shot one 

Staining iridescent wings with crimson hues

Another shot roared

And the heart laid dead

Still , not a flap , not a chirp


Dying breaths across prairies

Seeing a sun , pious yet dark 

Running alone over heads , two

Passenger to heaven , the pigeon

Nomadic , a search for nesting shelter

And the hunter , blowing smokes

Over the clouds in perfect pride

To trade flesh of a sin , for none to mourn

Elsewhere for the dying rose

Children in wait , close

Waiting till the dusk blinded them

Down valleys , killing is a game ;

The poisonous avarice , chasing bones

As bullets slit life 

In hands of tyrant , in regimes across lands

Bribing fingertips


Pathetic landscapes sweet of hunger , must pass

Hunting horns and feathers , cruel alas ;

Winds across isle , a feast of magic

You kill , I kill , smile as none is tragic


The corals covered her feet ,

Life flows beneath the stars

Ships knitting knots a fleet ,

Floating gracefully in love jars !

All the dolphins, they danced 

Kissing rainbows which rise

And the eyes that glanced 

Foolish enough to be wise ;

Shadows of gypsies o'er boats

Singing dreams in misty nights

Waves drowning few throats

Like the skylarks flew the kites ,

Sapphire waves , silent shores

Carrying hearts , rolling stones

Whirling ethereal drink , it pours

Winds across an isle of bones !


Let me in, let me in !

Through roads of sin ;

Till tears are gone

Till my days are done

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