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Pink Sky

the sky is blue and purple and all the colours for a reason


The night remains as silent as the dead;

Without a ray of light passing through the cloud's shade

When million eyelids are closed,yet the

Bats and owls are awake-

As the noises stop and clumsy brains

After the day's toil, seeks a break;

I wonder if the sun doesn't bathe this

land with light the next day,

But no ! busy heads and

Minds will rush and collide with their fates, 

I can surely say!

The breeze blows and the wind sings,

the pleasant voice of the koel rings,

In my heart's colosseum-

To wake me up from the endless sleep.....



My origin is the fall of a leaf
   Upon the midnight sand
That skips a torment's breath
   To paint an art so grand !

Bring upon me the wraths
   Ominous to the monarchy
That my existence blooms with
   To sniff the birth of me

The chronicles of diadem
  I carry in my palms 
Which bear lost melodies
  Sung as in psalms

The world's a street of spirits 
   Emblazoned with woeful a giggle ,
In the gaze so infernal
   All the dark sights shall I juggle

The halo of lightning and dust
   Pirouette in merry blues -
Even over the tombstone
   Where I be my muse !



The lizard crawls down the cracks 
Scratching dust with claws , leaving marks
And loneliness again !
Upon the shores sharing a bleak outlook
In summer's sunshine falling asleep to daylamps
And a squeak for romance 
A wild glance ;
For the madness of nights that life offers
Brags of symmetry and an immortal bliss
As a life begs for life and noble fluids

Soon the mortal taste of terror 
Sprawls over the territorial chaos -
Freedom for moments that flame the perennial sight
Yet numbs the limbs and belly
Of the breathing insect
    At once which falls and again rises
Playing hide and seek -
Tamed to the mercy of mighty time
And a doleful delight 
Of an evil end !

The vessels that roar thunder
With a sigh breaks down silence ,
Since ages turn as twisted tails
And beats wail for a chance to flee
In the battle of one 
Before life falls a prey to life
In a revelry thrown by nature to 
The fiery gulf of the reptile
That gulps a fresh supper
Reigning castle walls


On walls made of rocks and bones 
Lifted by the sculptor's fierce rage
Now resides the immortal praise 
Dancing steps on the dreadful stage ;
As time reflected for days 
And for nights in dark
Inside the hall of mirrors
Theories hanged on a mark ;
Youthful nerves lose blood
From the last stripped metal 
By art inspired that melts the sun
And cold spine strokes fatal !

If the world was a giant prism
Trapping the ruins of a war
And the warrior's flesh
Spitting spectrums that oaths declare ,
That gravity calms down alone
And spilling the crust with joy
In Pompeii's burnt kiss
That thrives to live inside a toy -
A dead happiness to keep close !
And cough over the velvet pumice 
Which floats over skin so dry
With the massive sky trembling thrice 

Pouring demons and angels 
In a chalice bending low
That the theatres paint
Where all the lost conquests grow ;
Such is the grace of Lords
With lightning as a javelin hit
Amidst oceans roaring wild 
And an impetus well lit
For the sculptor be built now
With flesh and sand that the walls hold ,
The dexterity etched upon sceptres rise
As the triumphs of an art foretold 


The world beneath blankets of mud and murk
In whispers round the valleys and ears ,
Feeds the inferno in horror and dark
To rise in passion and howl so fierce
The world atop in a pleasant scene
Learns the breathless hymns of war -
That grew lush in delicate green
Now hides the tinge of a scar

Of shallow waters and shallow minds
That sprinkled over crowds for days
Frail or young for soil it binds
Against the eroded pathways

" I drink fates and I drink springs "
That carve the untouched white ;
"I grow hell and I grow wings "
That gulps time with a bite

For the structures often breed
And hold eternity in heathen faith -
That hides all wrath inside a seed
And smokes life into holy death !

So let all spin and brew a yarn 
To master the threads of a soul ,
As "I shall still build the barn 
Under the skin of a burnt whole " 


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