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To smithereens of the purple sky right above my dumb existence,

I screamed all the letters which I had gathered-

Over suture pixels of endless summer noons

When I sat beside you 

When I used to count birds and the number of times you blinked throughout the stupid, bizarre tales of mine

Do you remember the first letter I wrote for you?

I have saved every bit of it under my skin

  I had read that to you, only you

And just when you told me to stop

I grasped your right hand and quilled the last word from it, the final breath of it swilled 

Right at the mole over the mount of Venus

And you said "Ah! Buy me colours for I want to change the colours of the city"

To which I said "And how so?"

You sprang up and brought the terracotta vase which I had given you and showed the insides of it,

The ravishing contours had climbers with diamond studded leaves, the thick mist and scent had a bloom,

"I would like to change the insides of the revolutionary storm, the scarlet bricks, the earthly kerfuffle on the outlines of the throat of this city"


I screamed all the letters which I had gathered-

From the dossals of knitted polaroids,

Which are as real as me

And as real as you

Even today

When I am not even thinking of how it was back then

When I am not even explaining how it all happened

When I am not even listening to what I am writing

When I am not even seeing the things I am talking about

Even today

When I am as much full of flaws 

As I was back then;

It made me happy when I sat beside you

And saw you smile 

Like the gamin who collects feathers and colours

Down the street

Defying the agreements he has with his wicked father

Of bringing back money at the day's end


I screamed all the letters which I had gathered,

While I was feeding the pigeons

Like you used to do; 

Running back to my room, I took off the pillow cover

Still wet in some memories

And some possibilities

I couldn't choose like men do

Neither could I make you my own,

For the birds I fed, ate grains, not which I offered

But which I shared

I sat down, at the porch which welcomes sunshine 

Like guests at the embassy 

And drew the hieroglyphics, which say

"Never mine"


This time I screamed the very pauses

That hide words, flowers and the entire universe,

I wish for you not like the men do

Who spend not hours but years with you,

Dropt at my feet are the very feathers 

The pigeons left by

For this is their world and not mine

For this is your world and not mine

For the scorn and pride and the infinite vagaries of the very entity

I had painted you in

Like the waterfalls my mind beholds

Which takes within it the change it desires

And makes the rocks a bit bold limned not as quiescent 

But as free as gravity pulls along with the falls,

In slumbers and heralds of springs,

You have changed the skin of the city too

But I followed the innocent you

Not like the men

Who spend not hours but years with you!


O you ! In you , you and only you 

Where lives this dead man so true ,

  In your breaths my wars reside

I lash the air with you beside 


Sunk in soil , my feet bare

 Tempests flow in raging care !

As the thorns rip the layers -

 My love , I drench in tears


The skin of this rose drips

  To paint life on your lips

Bending o'er you do I kiss ,

 You , an art and you , a bliss


Fleeting time and hurricane waves

Over the lost pile of mortal graves

  Take my flesh and bones there

And wrap me in a cold fire !


 I shall wait till the smokes rise

In the bivouac of cruel lies ,

 I shall wait till the sands burn

Tell me not now it's my turn  


In your silence my waking soul

 Plants verses in earthly scroll ,

Like a merry bloom in spring

 To the living will they sing 


I love you eternal

For then and now 

I am the home that you shall visit

Through every road you take

As they will lead you through bridges

That I built with all my heart 

With all I have , with all I could gather

Around the smell of clay and rain

With twigs , ochre and brown

Those fabrics that still are strong


To hold our bones together

Swinging in spaces , in those places

In fields that treasure golden sands

In mirages of dunes through which we walked

Over those fires wild in west , precious metals

With pictures of us hanging ,

Stealing glimpses amidst busy crowds

Drinking oaths of carrying along 

Perhaps your lips are fond of mine

Your crazy skin 

And joys virgin

That your face 


Set these limbs of mine , numb


In the stars so white , I shall hold flowers

For only you , when all will leave ;

Together falling from the carpets

Of a sky , spilling verses from up high

The endless seas , salty sweat 

Dwelling in memories , not imaginary

In lightning between our thighs

Running across our spine

Feathers of immortal wine

For miles , away in permanence

Breaths that circle in my ears

For not a moment , for years

In cups of melting hollow depths

Of snow , shadowless overcast

The fractured crystals of quartz

Over your fingers , shining wet silk

Over your arms , the flap of wings

Stretching past screams of islands


Like falls of gushing water ,

Raging winds across Pacific

Only you shall flood

When these doors I open

Half sunk , bare passions

Ours , in midst of desolate thoughts

Sleep in me

For an eternity

Where you are

   That very far

      Shall be near

         Soon, my dear


The cusps hedge all my pain

  In the fireplace

That knows no warmth 

  Since the day you left.

I shiver not in cold

 Cause the love that turned to ashes

Has embellished this pale skin

 With words that still shimmer.

Tonight, the sky echoes scenes

  Which convulse with the shadows

Of the flicker,

   Yet I yearn for more

Alms from this living stone

   That bears your name.

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